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New Student Registration

Attend our Open House, Thursday, February 6th from 6pm to 8pm at the school.



During the months of February to June, our administration team will look at the availability of seats for the following year and contact families about interviews/tours. 

Our catchment school is ASIA North Poplar Elementary for Grade 5 students coming to Grade 6. Students who are currently attending North Poplar do not need to apply or reregister. 

Update June 23/2020 - We are currently full for Grade 8. Other grades have waitlists that we are working through for September. We appreciate your patience.

Students from other schools in the Abbotsford District must apply online

Students from Out of District may apply but availability of seats will be dependent on District approval, please see information below.

REGISTRATION LINK open Feb 1, 2020


Frequently Asked Questions for attending ASIA Sumas Mountain

1. Do we have to be in a particular catchment to attend ASIA Sumas? ASIA Sumas Mountain is a district program.

This means that we are a publically funded school in the district of Abbotsford but we do not have a boundary catchment. If your address is in the Abbotsford district and your student is passionate about the arts, you are welcome to apply at ASIA Sumas.

2. We currently have a student in Grade 5 at ASIA North Poplar and would like to continue on at ASIA Sumas Mountain for Grade 6. Do we need to register?

No, you are already registered! We do ask that you let the office at North Poplar know that you are continuing on at ASIA Sumas Mountain. We have many students wanting to attend ASIA Sumas from other schools but priority is given to students currently enrolled in the program at North Poplar.

3. Is the curriculum different at ASIA Sumas?

No to the difference in curriculum, yes to the delivery. As a BC public school we are required to teach the curriculum as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. We pride ourselves in teaching the curriculum in a more exploratory, creative and arts focused way. Students are challenged to express their learning in different ways and will be asked to do presentations, group work, projects and use other means to visually, musically, digitally and dramatically demonstrate their learning.

4. Will my child have access to all of the arts?

In grades 6 – 7, students explore all of the arts, drama, dance, music, visual art and digital art. Students work with teachers to learn new skills in each of the arts as well integration of the arts into each of the academic classes. As students enter Grade 8, they start to design their own timetables. Here they choose between Drama/Dance and Band/Choir. They also take Digital Media Art, Photography and Visual Art. Once students reach secondary school, grade 9, they can then choose to focus on one or more of the arts as it fits into their timetable. Often students will take art electives they are most interested in and that will help to balance out the required classes they need for graduation.

5. Are all classes taught at ASIA Sumas?

We are a small campus, with around 400+ students from grades 6 – 12. Students in middle school work in PODs with 2 teachers who share the academic instruction. All curriculum from the Ministry of Education is taught. When students transition to secondary school, grade 9, stsudents begin working with the school counsellor to determine the best pathway of classes for each individual student not just for the year, but for the span of grade 9 – 12. Course selections are carefully and intentionally planned to make sure students get exactly what they want and need for graduation.

6. I’ve heard that senior sciences are hard to get at ASIA Sumas?

Not at all. We offer all of the senior science classes like Biology, Physics & Chemistry. In saying that, they may not be offered every semester. This is where the careful planning and course selection undertaken by our counsellor ensures that students get the classes they need. We also have a strong partnership with the Abbotsford Virtual School to help students who are looking for classes that don’t fit into their timetable. We do what we can to make sure all student needs are met! 

7. Can we just show up and register at ASIA Sumas?

If you are interested in attending ASIA Sumas, our registration will open on February 1st. A link will be made available at this time that allows you to conect with us and leave your contact information/provide a little information about your interest in the program.  We then contact you back to arrange an interview and school tour based on availablity and suitability for the program.  As a district program we do have a waiting list for each of the grades. This is not a first-come first-serve waiting list but instead a working list that makes sure the needs of students are met and that each of the classes are balanced. Make yourself available to attend our Open House which this year is happening February 6th.  Students thrive at ASIA Sumas if they have passion for the arts. Students do their best here when they are connected to the arts and need the creative outlet to demonstrate their learning. We have found students with a strong portfolio, a passion for the arts and a curiosity for learning connect the best with our school. 

8. Do you have sports teams at ASIA Sumas?

We do! Our students are involved in swimming, cross country running and track & field. We try to field a basketball and volleyball team for each grade where possible.  We do our best to field teams when possible.

9. Are there any extracurricular activities my children can be involved in?

Yes! We have afterschool programs like our drama productions, jazz choir (secondary), and jazz band (secondary).

How do we get there?

The majority of our students are bused in. School District 34 has a very intricate and cost effective bus system that is there to work with your family to best suit your needs for transportation. Please review their information and fees on the website at What are the hours of the school? Middle school students have classes from 8:20 am to 2:15 pm. Secondary classes from 8:20 am to 2:33 pm. 



 Are you coming from outside the Abbotsford District? Please fill in the  Out-of-District Form and deliver to the Abbotsford School Board Office. The School District (not the school) will make a decision on acceptance of a student based on:  

(1) the school's population,

(2) the student's interest and aptitude of the arts, and 

(3) the school's ability to provide a suitable educational plan for the student.