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An example of students trying out the physics of their ideas

2014-15 Theme:  Action-Reaction

The final project, which this year was a whole-school project was "Get the Ball Rolling".  Here you will see an 11-minute video in which the students created each scene.  This was inspired by "OK GO".  Grade 6-12 students created their scene, making the props and creating the script, and then "performing" their section of the film. They used the curricular competencies and learning outcomes as part of their scene as well.  One of our students in Music Composition and Tech created the theme, and it was produced by our music teacher. We thank TimeLapse Films for their work and support on this project, Dale Klippenstein who acted as our Artistic Director, the teachers who brought this dream to life and the students for their creativity, commitment and enthusiasm.

Some work during the process:

From Sarah, Maya and Connor:  For our contraption, we made a teetor totter and placed a bucket on the end. We then have water balloons above it, in this case attached to the tree. The idea is to shoot the water balloons with a bow and arrow which then pops the balloon and the water goes into the bucket. The weight of the water pushes the teeter totter downwards which will then trigger the next contraption.