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PHE Schedule Nov 7 to Dec 16

PE Schedule Nov 7 to Dec 16.pdf

For students in Ms. Hotell’s PHE 9 class (Block A) or Mr. Emery’s PHE 10 class (Block B) we have asked that the kids be dropped off ONLY on the mornings when they have that class first thing. District buses are not available until after first block as they are still shuttling students to other schools. All other classes (Mr. Emery’s PHE9 Block C or Grade 7 PHE students) will have transportation to and from the venues. An email has gone home with the complete schedule. We ask that if you are unsure, please call the school. Do not rely on social media to further confuse the situation.  

For Drop off reference:  

Tuesday, Nov 7th Block B (Emery PHE 10 ) dropped off at Xtreme Talent, 34100 S Fraser Way for 8:20 am.  

Next week: 

Monday, Nov 14th Block A (Hotell PHE9) dropped off at MSA arena for skating 2323 Emerson for 8:20 am. 

Tuesday, Nov 15th Block B (Emery PHE10) dropped off at the Curling rink 2555 McMillan Rd for 8:20 am. 

Wednesday, Nov 16th Block A (Hotell PHE9) dropped off at Sung Hang Do 34100 South Fraser Way for 8:20 am. 

Thursday, Nov 17th Block B (Emery PHE10) dropped off at Project Climb 34100 South Fraser Way for 8:20 am 

Please check your emails for a complete schedule and if you have any questions call the school, 604.850.5207 or email Mr. Emery or Mrs. Hotell for clarification. Greg.emery [at] or Lyndsey.hotell [at] 


Current until: Friday, December 16th, 2022
Posted: Monday, November 7th, 2022

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