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Study Abroad & Earn Course Credit

The Abbotsford School District is excited to provide some amazing opportunities for students, taking learning outside of the classroom and into the world! The following courses will be offered through the Summer School program:

Literary Studies 12 in London, England

We will lay the foundation for this course in classroom sessions for a week and then depart to London to get a hands-on experience with some of the great writers of our time.  Students will visit The Globe Theatre, see where Shakespeare debuted many of his plays, explore the birthplace of Chaucer, visit Oxford University - and much more!

Environmental Science 12 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a place on the earth like few others, with vibrant tropical rainforests and vast marine life and ecology. Students will explore the rainforests, develop a personal plan for becoming a global citizen, and experience some of the beauty of Costa Rica - including hiking and ziplining through the trees! This course will also feature a marine studies component which can only be fully realized by spending time investigating the beaches of Costa Rica with local experts.

Attend an Information Session to learn more!

Interested families are encouraged to attend an upcoming information session. Space is limited! Please RSVP your attendance at

  • October 17 at WJ Mouat Secondary, 6pm
  • October 24 at Yale Secondary, 6pm


Current until: Thursday, October 24th, 2019
Posted: Monday, October 7th, 2019