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Blog: Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Ownership of Learning

The Abbotsford School of Integrated arts is a school where students explore their education in an experiential way through the arts. This year, our school goals were to help students take ownership of how they learn through the arts by helping them understand and appreciate the importance of process in the pursuit of a creative and polished product. Whether it be dance, visual arts, music or drama, there is a celebration of the polished final product. It reflects the student’s development of skill, investment of time, work and creativity.

The arts provide our students a voice in the assessment process and allow them to demonstrate their learning in a personalized and meaningful way, while reflecting on their growth. Whether it be a portrait of Louis Armstrong sketched on a map of his hometown of New Orleans to support a socials and arts project, or a dance choreographed to allow a student to reflect the core values of an Ancient Greek State, intentionality has been placed on students using their arts as a platform for communicating their understanding throughout the learning process. From collaborative projects of underwater shoots between dance and photography students, to constructing metaphorical hot air balloons, the learning at ASIA Sumas utilizes arts as not only a polished product, but as tools to communicate learning and growth in the Learning Standards and Core Competencies every step of the way.

Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts, Sumas Mountain