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Course Planning

Find this guide: Course planning book 2022-23.pdf to give the descriptions of courses offered at ASIA Sumas

Initial Course planning will begin after Spring Break 2022. We currently do not have a set schedule or timetable for 2022/23 nor do we know who will be teaching which courses. 

For questions regarding courses for 2022/23, please email jennifer.kohut [at] (Mrs. Kohut)

  • Course planning sheet Grade 11 to 12 (coming soon)
  • Course planning sheet Grade 10 to 11 (coming soon)
  • Course planning sheet Grade 9 to 10 (coming soon)
  • Course planning sheet Grade 8 to 9 (coming soon)

Sheets are to be signed by parents and handed into the office as soon as possible. Sheets will be date/time stamped for the scheduling process.