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Parent Teacher Conferences

Parent Teacher Conferences (Booking) BOOKING WILL OPEN NOVEMBER 1ST - 8AM


For our upcoming Parent Teacher Conferences will are using an online booking system accessible at

Middle School Dates: Wed, Nov 21st 5:20 to 8 and Thurs, Nov 22nd 8:20 to 2:20 - interim reports have been sent home through email or a paper copy has been sent home during the week of Oct 15-19. Report Cards will be issued on November 21st. 

Secondary School Dates: Thurs, Nov 22nd 8:20 to 2:20 - updated continuous marks are available on and/or through interim reports sent home.


Parent Registration Instructions

Parents click on the “Register” tab and fill in the registration form to create an account.

Once parents have successfully registered, they will be logged into the system and can register their students.

Parent Appointment Scheduling

Parents can schedule appointments for any student that they have added to the system by clicking on the “Appointments” button beside the student’s name. The parent is then taken to a page where they can select the teachers with whom they wish to meet. Multiple teachers can be selected by using the “Ctrl” key on a PC keyboard or the “Command” key on a Macintosh keyboard.

Teacher Appointment Calendars

Next, parents are shown the calendars of the selected teachers. 
Parents can select appointment times by simply clicking the check boxes or by clicking in the time block beside the check box. Once an appointment time has been selected it will change to green. 

It is not possible for parents to select more than one appointment at the same time or to select more than one appointment with the same teacher. Javascript enabled browsers are required for this validation on the screen. If a parent uses a browser without Javascript enabled and attempts to schedule appointments with a conflict, the next screen will notify them of the errors.

Appointments Booked Successfully

Once the appointments are booked the screen will display the list of appointments for the student.

Parents with More Than One Student

If a parent has more than one student at your school the teacher appointment calendars will have an additional feature displayed when the second (or third, etc.) student bookings are made. Only if a sibling has an appointment booked, will the student’s name be displayed for a parent, thus making it easier to book adjacent appointments.

Printing Parent Appointment Schedule

From the home page it is possible for parents to generate a PDF document with the list of their appointments. By clicking on the “Print Appointments” button a window will pop-up asking the parent what they wish to do with the document.

In Internet Explorer it is recommended that people click the “Save” button, save the file and then click “Open” to view the file. IE sometimes has a problem downloading and opening PDF documents that are generated from web sites.

Click “Open” after the download is complete to view the PDF.