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May 13, 2020 - Grad Parent Meeting info

Convocation slide show information

May 8, 2020 - grad meeting info

GRAD MEETING MINUTES – Thursday, May 7, 2020

1)Welcome - Premier message – Mrs Bennett

As you may have watched last night, the province is moving towards opening the restrictions on our pandemic restrictions. Unfortunately, Premier Horgan also said that convocations would be cancelled for 2020. This unprecedented time means that no large gatherings can occur and a convocation like in past years is too risky. We at ASIA have a plan.

2)Dogwoods/District scholarships/Capstones – Mrs Kohut 

       a) confirm dates/times with Mrs Beckett – Dogwoods MUST be done by Friday, May 15th. Capstone only students will have until the end of May.

       b) how the meetings are going – So far the meetings have been positive and enlightening. Teachers have enjoyed listening to the journeys and students have been entertaining, mature and reflective.

3)Prom – Mrs Bennett

Prom is cancelled for the summer. Again, we cannot have a gathering that would defy the provincial restrictions. All other secondary schools in Abbotsford have also cancelled their proms. We hope that when the province can open more, we can help 2020 grads and their families plan something that may resemble a prom.

4)Convocation – Mrs Bennett

       a) the plan- It is happening! Thursday, June 11th in the evening (TBD)  We have arranged with FreshAirCinemabc to set up their large outdoor screen in a parking lot area (still to be confirmed) where we will have grads and their families arrive to take part in a Drive-In Graduation Experience. Mr Klippenstein, a very creative and special friend to ASIA, will help to direct and produce a video of each graduate that will be linked together to show on the screen. We are working out the details, but the framework is there!

       b) the speeches – Grad speeches have been assigned by the staff. To the Grads - Daisy deKroon. To the parents – Naomi Bangura. To the staff – Marshall Wilken-Banks. Interview with Grads of 2020 – Victoria Francis.  Song/poem to the Grads of 2020 – Vanessa Whyte/Piper Hornall

       c) Dogwood Scholarships and Abbotsford Community Foundation bursaries will be celebrated at convocation.

       d) what we need from you – start thinking about your quote and your plans for post-ASIA Sumas. You will be getting a google form to fill in for the movie voiceover. We will be in contact with you about bringing to your home a grad package that will contain your cap/gown/tassel, your ASIA diploma, instructions/directions on what and how to film, who to send the films, pictures to, and some extras included just for you. We are anticipating that ALL media will need to be into the director by May 31st

5) Workload/Grad requirements – Mrs Kohut

 - prioritizing, supports available, reaching out, NOT disappearing. We do not want to prevent you from ‘walking the stage’ because you have not finished your CLC or other grad requirements.

Question: I’ve got a couple of questions left on my online CLC. Do I need to have it done by the time I do my dogwood/capstone meeting? Answer: No BUT it must be done before the end of May. This is not an ASIA requirement; this is a provincial graduation requirement. You need to have the CLC online AND the capstone finished by end of May.

May 1, 2020 - email from Mrs Kohut

Dear grads,
Some of you may have already started to receive correspondence from Mrs. Beckett with your scheduled time slots (date & time) for your Dogwood / Capstone presentations, which are commencing this Monday, May 4th.  Our goal is to work our way through the Dogwoods / Capstone combination presentations by May 15th, and then have Capstone only presentations for the remainder of the month.  When you get your e-mail from Mrs. Beckett, please send her a response ASAP to confirm your time and receipt of her e-mail.  If you cannot make the presentation time work for you, you must let Mrs. Beckett know ASAP.
You will be assigned 2 teacher adjudicators and you will be given a code to log onto your Google Meet.  If you would like to send supporting documentation ahead of time, you can do so (by the night prior) to your CLC mentor who can then share it with the other teacher on board.  Remember, the easiest way might be to utilize the "Present Now" button to share your supporting information and visuals in real time during your discussion.  
Please remember to take care with your appearance and to consider the background around you (what is in your camera's view).  This is good practice for future interviews, post-secondary, and career related experiences you are going to have.
I am attaching again the Joint scoring rubric.pdf which has the key questions to consider and keep in mind when presenting your projects and reflecting upon your years in high school. The other attachment titled "More detailed info on Capstones and Dogwoods" has the Capstone scoring rubric on page 2 of the document.  This is the same one from your Part 2 CLC booklet that you have.
A request... we would LOVE to have highlight pictures of your projects, or a copy of your recorded songs, dances, music performances, etc.  Please forward any of these directly to Mrs. Kohut, so we can create a highlight reel of all of your projects.  (Note:  I don't need your whole presentation package... just some highlight pictures or moments!)  Please send it to Mrs. Kohut and title it: "Project Highlights for (insert your name)."  This can be done before or after your presentation.  Please send within 2 days of having your presentation.
My parting advice to you... don't stress about your presentations.  It will be a fun and enjoyable conversation talking about your projects, the things you are passionate about, and what you have learned about yourself.  It's a time to celebrate you, and we're excited about this and looking forward to our conversations with you!
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

April 29, 2020 - e-mail from Mrs. Bennett

Hello Grads and Grad Parents!
We are moving very quickly to get some exciting information out to you for Convocation BUT we need you to do your part.
1CAPSTONE GRAD REQUIREMENT/DOGWOODS: We have had only 14 out of 46 of you sign up for your capstone/dogwood presentations. A reminder that this is a requirement for graduation. Time to get to it! If you do not sign up by Friday, May 1st, Mrs. Kohut will start assigning you time slots to present and you will be required to attend.  To get a choice of time and day of the week, sign up at  If you have any issues, reach out to Mrs. Kohut so she can help! A reminder that the Dogwood presentation has to be completed by May 15th to qualify for the scholarship.

2) CAPS AND GOWNS Mrs. Gunia has sent out an email to your parents looking for your height and payment for the cap/gown on Schoolcashonline. Time to get it done, we need to order this for you ASAP. Please have someone call Mrs. Gunia at 604.850.5207 or email  
3) GRAD SPEECHES As tradition at ASIA Sumas, we do not assign a valedictorian, instead we have three grads present a speech for a) the grads  b) the parents  c) the teachers/staff.  This year will be no different. IF you are interested in doing a speech for any of these groups, you need to email Mrs. Bennett with your name and the group(s) you would like to address. Please do this by Friday, May 1st. Once we have a group of names, your staff reps, Mr Huntley and Mz. Miller will help to decide who would best represent the class of 2020 to do the speeches.
4) PROM/DINNER TICKETS Any purchase of prom tickets or convocation dinner tickets will be refunded to your parent's schoolcashonline account this week. Any questions,  please call Mrs Gunia at 604.850.5207 or email 
5) GRAD MEETING - Next Thursday morning, May 7th, 10 am we will have a google meet meeting to give you the updated news about convocation and prom and anything else you may have questions about. Be available! If you have anything you would like to have staff talk about, please email Mz Miller with your questions. 
6)  TRANSCRIPTS - If you haven't done so already, please make an account online to access your transcripts and give permission to post-secondary schools to pull your transcripts at .  Note: some post-secondary schools require you to self-declare Term 3 marks.   Please follow the instructions from those particular institutions if this is required. 
You are almost there! Stay focused, attend your classes and let's get you graduated!


April 24, 2020 Scholarship Opportunity e-mail from Mrs. Kohut

Hi Grads!

Are any of you going on to post-secondary school to study Political Science or Social Studies?  If so, there is a $500 scholarship you can apply for, and the deadline for applications has just been extended to May 15th, due to a low number of applications received thus far.

It is called the "Dr. Alex B Patterson Memorial Scholarship" Brochure.pdf and this fund offers a $500 scholarship every other year to high schools in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Hope, and Boston Bar.

Please see the attached 2020 Cover Letter.pdf from the fundholder along with the Dr. Alex B. Patterson Application.pdf and award details.  Please send completed applications by mail to Ethel Rempel before May 15th (new deadline), as outlined in the attached letter.  (See the 3 attachments to this e-mail.)

Thank you!

Mrs. Kohut


April 23/20 - Grad meeting information

April 23, 2020 Grad Update from Mrs. Kohut
Hello grads!
Thank you to all who were able to participate in today's online Grad meeting!  It was so good to see all your faces!  
As promised, attached to this e-mail are:
a) Grad Meeting Minutes 4_23_20.pdf
b) Joint scoring rubric.pdf (short summary that outlines key topics to cover for Capstones, Dogwoods, and possible Exit Interview questions)
c) More detailed info on Capstones and Dogwoods 2020.pdf if you need it, including the Capstone marking rubric in full.
d) Student Transcript Service.pdf (make sure you have created an account online and have authorized any post-secondary schools you are applying to be able pull your transcripts).
As mentioned at the meeting, for students who are presenting for both Dogwoods and Capstones, this will be streamlined into ONE presentation in which you will be adjudicated for both at the same time.  Our goal is to reduce your anxiety!  Your Dogwood & Capstone adjudicators will be staff members from ASIA, and one of these people will be your Capstone Teacher Mentor.  Dogwoods need to be presented by May 15th.  We can take until the end of May to hear the rest of the Capstone only presentations.  Be creative with your virtual presentations to us to show your learning!
You must click on the following link to let us know what days and times work best for you to present on.  The morning time slots will be around 9-10am, and the afternoon slots around 3-4pm.  Please check off the days and time slots that you will be available.

Sign up for Capstone/Dogwood times

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out. 
Please remember to check your Learn 34 e-mail for updates daily, and also to keep checking the Grads 2020 tab on the school website (see information below).

April 20/20 - Science related bursary opportunity

Hi grads!  Ms. Wedel has passed along another great Science scholarship opportunity!
The $1000 Hebden Chemistry Bursary Award deadline has been extended to May 15th, 2020.  This is an award for a student who has performed service for the school or community, while maintaining grades in Science necessary for success in post-secondary education. 
Some of the additional criteria needed to apply include:

completion of Chemistry 12 by June 2020
is planning on studying Chemistry (or studies related to Chemistry) at a recognized post-secondary institution
a teacher reference letter is required which needs to include the Gr. 11 GPA and accumulative Gr. 12 GPA thus far. 

For more information, please go to:

April 19/20 Dogwood / Capstone e-mail update from Mrs. Kohut

Happy Sunday morning!
I've had a few students reaching out this weekend on e-mail asking a few questions related to Dogwoods & Capstones, so I quickly wanted to touch base. 
Both Dogwoods and Capstones are being pushed back to the month of May.  This is in response and recognition of the heightened anxiety and stress levels that some students might be feeling these days.  So, take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief!  Nothing is being expected from you at this time! 
Dogwood Notes:

You do not need to ask for an extension for Dogwoods.  You automatically have it until May!
If you have a virtual Dogwood presentation ready to send to me, you are allowed to do so at any time, but you are not required to until closer to your new presentation date in May.  (What does this mean?  You have more time!!!)
A reminder that the 3 Creative Writing students are having a separate adjudication with their adjudicators, and this will be set for whatever date you & your adjudicator have settled on (whether that's now in April or in May).  That is between you & your Creative Writing adjudicator.  
Capstone Notes:

Your Capstone mentor will reach out to you to have Meeting #3 with you before the end of April.  This is just to check in on how you are doing on your project and to answer any questions.
Capstone presentations will be in May.

We are having an online Grad meeting this Thursday, April 23rd at 10am.  You should have received an e-mail invite to an online Google Meet from Mz. Miller this past Friday.  If you didn't, please let me know.  We'll discuss more at this meeting about what signing up for a Dogwood / Capstone time slot will look like and how we are going to streamline these presentations to take off any extra, additional stress you might be feeling.  We'll set up a schedule of possible presentation dates and you will choose the date that works the best for you. 
My encouragement to you today... breathe, rest, rejuvenate, de-stress!
Please reach out to me to let me know if you would like to connect regarding any questions, stresses, or anxieties that you might be having.  I would love to connect with you.
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!
Mrs. Kohut

April 16, 2020 - Said the Whale opportunity

Ms. Wedel passed on a cool opportunity to me for students interested in making music in any genre or discipline.  Recording group, "Said the Whale" (who performed at our school last year), is giving away more money and this time to kids 18 and under!  Deadline is April 30th.    
The write-up on their website states:


We are dedicated to providing opportunities for young artists to succeed in music. With that in mind we are excited to offer a $2500 grant eligible to BC-based artists aged 18 and under who are making music in any genre or discipline. The intention is that this money is to be used in some way that benefits your creative process and/or enables you to create more art. Please fill out the form below and send us your music! Submissions close April 30, 2020.

April 15, 2020 - Dogwood District Scholarship Update

A good news e-mail!
I have heard word from the School District just this morning that they are giving the "option to extend" the Dogwoods into mid-May for students who would like an extension.  This change was decided to try and alleviate any stress that Grads may be feeling and lower their anxiety, as we know students may need more time to prepare in a different manner.  Last week, the district asked Dogwood students to submit a virtual presentation by April 20th (the original Dogwood date).  This date has now been extended until May (if you need it) and is not required by April 20th anymore unless you have it done and want to submit it to me.  Feel free to send it to me if you have it done.  More information to come.
For Creative Writing Dogwood students (there are 3 of you), you will present on whatever date you & your adjudicator have decided on.  You are in a different situation as you already have adjudicators assigned to you, so be sure to continue to check your Learn 34 e-mail to be hearing from them.

We will send out an e-mail within the next week outlining all the details, timelines, and what to expect for both Dogwoods and Capstone projects.  It's an ever-evolving situation, that seems to be changing daily, so that thank you for your patience!  Mrs. Bennett, Mr. Horner, the Capstone teacher mentors, and myself actually looking for a way to streamline things for both Dogwoods and Capstones to make the process easier for you, and we are having a meeting about that this Friday.  So, we're going to bat for you to try and make things as easy as possible.  So, do not fear!  Info will be coming very soon to you.  In the meantime, continue working on your Dogwoods and Capstones with the goal of presenting them to us in May.

April 14, 2020 - Scholarships & Bursaries update from Mrs. Kohut

**new Dogwood District Scholarship info to come out April 15th

Hi grads!
I hope you had a great Easter long weekend!  I have some information on scholarships & bursaries for you.
Dogwoods:  As you know, the Dogwood process is still moving forward.  Please refer to my e-mail sent April 9th to all Dogwood applicants.  Keep working towards the goal of submitting a virtual presentation to me by April 20th, and then we'll book a Google Meet interview for later in the month.  More info to follow!
Abbotsford Community Foundation Awards:  I met with the committee today and I am happy to say that awards process is still proceeding as well.  Recipients have now been chosen for all the awards but I can't tell you who they are!  That's a surprise for later!
Coast Capital Savings "Standing Tall" Youth Education Award:  I also met with the committee to decide the 3 students in the district today that will be receiving the 3 Standing Tall awards.  Once again, those results are also kept as a surprise.  Thank you to the several students who applied.
Abbotsford Teachers Union (ATU) Bursary:  I just found out about this bursary award.  The deadline is quick (tomorrow - April 15th!), but this bursary is for children of Abbotsford School District teachers who are currently in Gr. 12 and graduating in the 2019-2020 school year.  The ATU grants up to six bursaries each having a value of one thousand dollars and are awarded to students attending public school regardless of the district they are registered in.  Please have completed applications submitted to the ATU by April 15, 2020. If you require an application please contact Nicole Smith by email at Applications can be submitted either by email to or dropped off through the mail slot at the ATU office. 
St. Ann's CWL Bursary (Catholic Women's League of St. Ann's Parish): I have information on two $1000 bursaries to qualified students who attend St. Ann's church.  The deadline to apply is May 22, 2020.  Please contact Mrs. Kohut if you meet this criteria and want more information.
Please e-mail me...
Post-Secondary Awards List:  Around this time of year, grads start to find out from various post-secondary schools about scholarships / bursaries they have been awarded.  If you find out that you will be a recipient of an award, please send me an e-mail with the name of the award and what school it is from, and how much it is for.  We compile a list every year and want to honor and celebrate your accomplishments!  
Plans for Fall 2020:  What are your plans for next year? If you gain acceptance to a certain school or program, please send me an e-mail regarding that!  We also put together a list of where grads will be headed to next year and what their plans are, whether post-secondary, travel, or out in the workforce.
I will continue to e-mail you with information about other awards opportunities as I receive them.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Mrs. Kohut

For more information, please check in regularly with the ASIA Sumas Mountain website ( for these important informational updates:

"Grad 2020 Updates" (magenta coloured button on the main page (along bottom or side bar), or go under the Parents & Students tab, then Grad tab, then the "Grad 2020 Updates"). 
"Weekly Family Updates" (yellow coloured button on the main page (along bottom or side bar), or go under Parents & Students tab, then Parent Info, then "Weekly Update Memos").

All students should regularly check their Learn34 e-mail accounts for updates from the school and their teachers. 
The school district website ( will also have information related to COVID-19.


Dogwood Update Apr 9th, from Mrs. Kohut

Good afternoon, ASIA Dogwood applicants, and happy long weekend! 
I finally have some direction from the district Dogwood committee for you.  Note:  This e-mail does NOT pertain to the Creative Writing category students.  Your adjudicators already have your work and you should be checking your Learn34 e-mail regularly and respond back when you hear from them.
For the rest of the categories, this update is important, so please fully read the update, as well as the important 4 page attachment.  
To confirm...  the Dogwood Awards ARE proceeding ahead.  The committee recognizes the impact that COVID19 and social distancing may have on some of your projects.  For some of you, your project might be fully completed already as planned.  For others of you, you might need to be flexible and adapt your projects or presentations from what you initially planned to do... and that's okay!  You need to be prepared to present what it is that you have done so far, and where you could have gone with your project.  The focus is no longer on the "project" and the learning therein, but more on the new learning as a result of adapting to change and the methods students use to overcome these new challenges to bring their project to some level of completion.
#1 - Send a virtual presentation of your project (deadline to submit to Mrs. Kohut by e-mail:  April 20th)
These presentations will, to the best of your ability, showcase your project in a virtual manner.  Your adjudicator needs to actually see your project! ​
You have many options for how you can present your project in a virtual manner.  You could create a Power Point, use Google Slides, show pictures with a description or voice over, make a video or provide a video link, and so forth.  There are so many possibilities for how you could present your information on your project to us.  You just need to figure out what works best for you in order for us to see your project you have been working so hard on.  You have creative liberty in how you want this to look. It might not be as polished as it would have been on stage on adjudication day, but we're looking for how you adapt, step up, show effort, and present your content. 
For example:

a video of your dance or music performance (e.g. maybe you go outside on your driveway and have a family member video tape your dance performance!)
powerpoint presentation of photos of your art pieces with slides or a voiceover that speak to the process
video clips of you performing your acting monologues
a Ted Talk video format of your presentation
a copy of your 4 song EP

You need to e-mail Mrs. Kohut any virtual presentation content by April 20th to the following e-mail address  (  This was the original Dogwood adjudication presentation date.

#2 -  Video interview using Google Meet (between April 20 - 30th)
Then, we will also be scheduling an online video interview between you and your adjudicator to discuss your project and answer questions.  This Google Meet discussion will be held between April 20 - 30th.  More information will come regarding scheduling a time slot.  In the meantime, please become familiar with using Google Meet utilizing your Learn 34 e-mail address.
Presentation Content:  Your presentation must touch on the following topics (at minimum):
a. Complete description of your project informing the adjudicator why you chose this topic.

b. Elaborate on each element of the project providing detail as necessary to show depth of understanding.

c. How far along in the project you are. Outline the challenges and obstacles you had to overcome.

d. What you learned during the 100 hours (or more) in creating your project? 

e. Knowing what you now know... What you would have done differently and why?

f. Other elaborations that will help describe these or other factors you would like to add.

g. A copy of your Logbook (scanned, photo, document or spreadsheet) that details your process along the way. (Mandatory)  *** this does NOT need to be signed by your mentor, due to social distancing measures.
You have flexibility in how you communicate the minimum presentation content either by:

talking about it in your virtual presentation you send to Mrs. Kohut    OR
by answering the questions on the attachment and sending that via e-mail to Mrs. Kohut  OR
by touching on these topics during your online Google Meet discussion with your adjudicator.

In summary:

Send Mrs. Kohut your virtual presentation by April 20th. 
Then, we will schedule a Google Meet video chat between April 20-30th to discuss your project. 
Make sure that you address the minimum presentation content listed above in some sort of manner.
Many thanks, and have a great weekend!  If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail!  As it's the long weekend, I might not respond until Tuesday.
Again, more information to come next week!

District Scholarship Online Process 2020.docx



I just wanted to put out a scholarship opportunity for you.  The deadline for submitting the completed application to me by e-mail ( is this Monday, April 13th (FIRM DEADLINE), as I have to present to a committee on April 14th in the morning.  Sorry for the late notice, but we're functioning the best we can with changing times in this new reality!  Please read the Criteria below and only apply to me if you feel that you truly meet the criteria.  This is a very specifically focused award for students who have faced adversity in their lives and have risen up against the odds.  See description below and link to the online Coast Capital Savings information page.

Coast Capital Savings "Standing Tall Award"


Awarded to youth who have faced adversity and have not only risen up against the odds, but are demonstrating a commitment to continue their education. This award is open to students who have faced challenges like poverty, health, family issues, personal loss and lack of support.

Coast Capital Savings - Youth Education Awards
Upon submission of the Youth Education Awards Application Form by the students to their school counsellors in March and April, the award applications are received, reviewed and selected by 23 school districts in our trade areas.

60 Awards of $3500 (3 Awards for SD34)
Cheque is awarded in Student’s Name and is sent to student’s school in time for convocation.
Applications will be available to be completed ONLINE on March 1, 2020.


March 1 – Applications open Online
April 13 – Deadline for applications to be returned to Mrs. Kohut via e-mail (  **** NO LATER THAN APRIL 13th ****
April 14 – Counsellors meet to determine 3 nominees
May 4 – Deadline for school districts to inform Coast Capital

Additional Criteria:

haven’t previously received a Youth Education Award
are Canadian citizens or permanent residents
have been a BC resident for at least 6 months
are graduating high school in the 2019/ 2020 school year in one of 23 School Districts in Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, mid and southern Vancouver Island and Central Okanagan. 
plan to attend an accredited Canadian university, college or technical school in the 2020/2021 school year

For more information, please check in regularly with the ASIA Sumas Mountain website ( for these important informational updates:

"Grad 2020 Updates" (magenta coloured button on the main page (along bottom or side bar), or go under the Parents & Students tab, then Grad tab, then the "Grad 2020 Updates"). 
"Weekly Family Updates" (yellow coloured button on the main page (along bottom or side bar), or go under Parents & Students tab, then Parent Info, then "Weekly Update Memos").

All students should regularly check their Learn34 e-mail accounts for updates from the school and their teachers. 
The school district website ( will also have information related to COVID-19.

Capstone update April 8, 2020 from Mrs. Kohut

Good morning, grads!  I hope that this e-mail finds you safe, healthy, and happy!  We miss you, and we recognize that this is perhaps a stressful time for many of you, and that there is a wide range of emotions for how the last part of your Grad year is going for you.  We want to you to know that we are here for you and that we are thinking about you!  This e-mail is going out to all grads, with the exception of 3 students who completed the old Grad Transitions course last year.
I wanted to send you a quick update on CLC 12 and your Capstone projects, as I am sure you have lots of questions.  The short answer: YES, the Capstone projects and presentations are still going ahead.  We'll make some adjustments to the timelines and expectations to try and be accommodating as possible, and I will endeavor to get that newly updated information out to your mentors and you as soon as possible.
Please continue to work on and refine your projects with the goal of being ready for presenting anytime after May 1st, which was the original presentation date.  You will be presenting virtually online to your mentor, most likely using a Google platform called "Google Meets" using your Learn34 e-mail address.
In the coming days, this is what I would like you to do:

Regularly check your Learn34 e-mail account.  All Capstone information will be sent to this account.  Mrs. Bennett will also post a copy of any of my e-mail communication to our school webpage under the Grads 2020 Updates tab (magenta tab) - see information on how to access this at the bottom of this e-mail.
Ensure that your CLC Part One: myBlueprint / AVS online is fully completed by April 30th, if you haven't finished this already.  The original deadline was for the end of Semester 1.
Capstone project -  Complete your Capstone project and have it ready to present for anytime after May 1st.  Your presentation date will be set up between you and your mentor.  As you will be presenting online, think about how you would like to communicate and show your information and learning to your mentor, and adapt your presentation to suit that.  This time in our lives of COVID19 and social distancing require us to be flexible and adaptable, and to show our work/learning in different ways.  Feel free to adjust your presentation from your initial concept to fit the new forum.  More information to come shortly on this area.
Mentor Check-in #3 - Your mentor will be contacting you to schedule one last final mentor check-in during the month of April (between April 14-30th) using the Google Meets platform.  I will be coordinating a plan with the mentors by the end of this week, and your mentor will reach out to you by next week.
Grad Exit Interview - This is the 3rd part of the course.  I will be discussing with your mentors some options for this final piece.  More information to follow.
Google Meets - familiarize yourself with the Google Meets platform ( utilizing your Learn 34 e-mail address using Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (it doesn't work on Internet Explorer on my computer).  Practice logging in and having online virtual chats with others.  You'll get a chance to meet with your mentor on this as well for Mentor Check-In #3 prior to your actual presentation.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to ways in which you can stay up-to-date with Grad information.  In addition to regularly checking your Learn34 e-mail accounts (as this is how myself, your mentors, and your other teachers will be contacting you), please check in regularly with the ASIA Sumas Mountain website ( for these important informational updates:

"Grad 2020 Updates" (magenta coloured button on the main page (along bottom or side bar), or go under the Parents & Students tab, then Grad tab, then the "Grad 2020 Updates"). 
"Weekly Family Updates" (yellow coloured button on the main page (along bottom or side bar), or go under Parents & Students tab, then Parent Info, then "Weekly Update Memos").

All students should regularly check their Learn34 e-mail accounts for updates from the school and their teachers. 

Dogwood Update April 7, 2020 from Mrs. Kohut
Hello Dogwood candidates!
Thank you all for responding back to me regarding your status on intending to stay with the Dogwood Scholarship awards process or not.  I have now heard back from 26 of the 31 students.  I do need to hear back from the rest of you.  Please respond to my previous 3 e-mails to you ASAP.
I have created a Dogwoods 2020 mail list on my computer to send you out regular updates, in addition to other e-mails I sent last week, and I will title each of them with the date.  Mrs. Bennett will also put copies of any of my e-mail communication to grads on the school website( under  "Grad 2020 Updates" (magenta coloured button on the main page (along bottom or side bar), or go under the Parents & Students tab, then Grad tab, then the "Grad 2020 Updates"). 
All updates will be sent to your Learn34 e-mail addresses only (not personal e-mail addresses), so I encourage you to check your e-mail account daily for any updates for Dogwoods, Capstones, grad-related information, and contact from your classroom teachers.
Information on Dogwoods is just beginning to trickle in from the district level.  I don't have very much in terms of new information, but what I can tell you is that the Dogwood process will move forward and allow as many students as possible to present online in a manner that represents their work in the best way possible.  So, please:

Continue to work on your projects and polish them off.  You may need to adapt your projects from your original plan to suit a new presentation format.  That's okay, we understand that - be flexible.
Presenting online could utilize sites such as Google Meets (online video chat), phone, or simply e-mail.   
I would encourage each of you to take some time to explore Google Meets.  It's Google's version of a 'Zoom' like platform, wherein you could have a video chat with your adjudicator in real-time online.  Take some time to try it out now and get familiar with using it with your Learn34 e-mail address.  It's the platform many of your teachers are using to have drop-in session times with their classes. 
I know certain categories such as Dance or Music have special questions and considerations for the new presentation format.  When I know more specific information, I will get that out to you ASAP.

For Creative Writing students (3 of you):  For the 3 of you in this category, you handed in your projects prior to spring break.  An e-mail was just sent out this afternoon from the district to the Creative Writing students to your Learn34 accounts saying that your adjudicator will reach out to you at your Learn34 e-mail address to arrange an interview to be done using Google Meets, phone, or simply e-mail.  Please look for that e-mail today, and for future e-mails from your adjudicator(s).
I will write again when I get any new information updates.
Mrs. Kohut


APRIL 3, 2020 

Hi Gr. 12 Dogwood students!
A Friday morning update.  I have heard back from 12 of you, but there are 31 Dogwood candidates in total.  Keep putting out the word to your friends to check their Learn 34 e-mails and to respond to original e-mail on their intended status on whether they will stay in the Dogwood competition or not. 
I know you have a Grad chat on an app.  Could someone please put another comment there for all Grads to be checking their Learn 34 e-mails daily and to respond to the Dogwood e-mail?  Thanks!!!  
I have not received any updates from the District yet on the Dogwoods.  I think we are all still in the data-gathering stage at each high school on how many students will be remaining in the competition and who feels they could present virtually. 
My recommendation is that if you are intending on staying in the Dogwood competition, continue to work on your projects.  Feel free to adapt them in any way necessary, as we know and recognize that this Covid-19 situation and Social Distancing measures will mean that perhaps projects might need to shift gears and take a bit different of a format in order to show your work.  So... don't stress... be flexible... carry on and adapt as you best see fit!  I will be in touch with you as soon as I know any more information, next steps, or dates.  As soon as I know, you'll know.
I will be sending out an e-mail later today regarding Capstones.  Another good reason to check your e-mails regularly!!
Every week, Mrs. Bennett will be posting the Weekly Updates on ASIA's website under the Weekly Family Updates tab. (it's a yellow/orange colour box).  Continue to check that spot regularly for not only the weekly updates, but also any other important updates we need to get out to the students.
Take care!  Again, don't stress.  Breathe!  We're here for you and we're all in this together!

I'll be in touch soon!

Many thanks,
Jennifer Kohut 
School Counsellor & Career Programs

APRIL 1st, 2020

Hello Gr. 12 students who are doing Dogwood Awards!

A huge hello from Mrs. Kohut!  I hope that you are doing well during this unpredictable time in life!  I think none of us have ever gone through anything quite like this before, and none of us know what the next steps will be and how things will unfold.  Thanks so much for your patience as we figure things out.  I know you have tons of questions, and we don't have answers for a lot of things yet.  But we're in this together and we're here to support you and we've got your backs!

Now, onto the topic of Dogwoods...

I heard communication this morning from the person in charge of the Dogwood Awards.  As of right now, there are no clear answers for what is happening with the Dogwoods and they are still exploring options with the School District and with the Ministry of Education on what should happen next and when.  He hopes to soon have a better picture of where we stand with students, adjudicators, and technology.  We know that you have put so much work into these awards and we would love to figure out some way to try and honor that hard work. 

In order to give the Dogwood coordinator guidance, he has asked me to reach out to each one of you to gather information.  Could you please "respond to sender" (Mrs. Kohut only!) and answer the following questions?  I will pass on the answers to the district and it will help inform them on how to proceed.  Please respond ASAP this week.

Your name: _______________

If the Dogwood awards were to move ahead as normal, what is your current status?   Please choose either (a) or (b):

I will stay in the Dogwood process.    OR
I will be withdrawing from Dogwoods.

If Dogwoods go ahead with a virtual presentation of some sort, would you be ready to present virtually?
What challenges might you have in presenting?
What supports do you need?
Any other questions / comments?

Thank you, and I'll be in touch as soon as I hear any information.

P.S.  Please do me a favor and put out the word to any Grads who are doing a Dogwood Award to check their Learn 34 e-mails for this e-mail and to respond ASAP.  Also, please encourage them to keep checking their Learn 34 e-mails regularly.

Mrs. Kohut


MAR 31, 2020

Dear Grads of 2020, 

First, we hope you are safe at home with your families. Second, we recognize this is a stressful time for you and we understand. You should know that we are all thinking about the 2020 Grads and how this exciting time of your life, normally full of fun, wonder, and hard work, now has new challenges. The discussion during our district remote meeting turned to you and the feeling of every principal and superintendent was that we want you to be honoured.  Although we don’t have all the answers yet, what we do know is that you will pass your classes, your entrances to post-secondary will be secured and the expectations of what you have learned or are still learning will be the same for everyone.  

District Scholarships (Dogwoods) and Capstones are still a go, for now. Mrs Kohut will be in contact with the district teacher organizing the adjudication day, April 20th. We most likely will not have that date as the final presentation day. Instead, there will be some work on how to best present, maybe some sort of online presence. Continue to evolve your projects, remember to add into your project how this pandemic has affected your learning and progress, and do your best to creatively continue your learning. Let your projects reflect this part of your learning journey. 

We know that you must have many questions.  What about prom? What about convocation? Well, the honest truth is that our current situation changes from day to day and so too must our response. The good news is that the district has not cancelled or postponed any proms or convocations as of now. In the event cancellations or postponements are made, we as a school community will use our collective creative minds to come up with a way to celebrate you. If anyone can figure this out, it’s the artists with their creative mindset and outside the box thinking.   

So, our message for you now is simply this; continue with your learning at home, check in with your teachers and EAs regularly, and do your best to stay safe at home. No more IRL for a while. 😉 


Mrs. Bennett & Mr. Horner 


April 20th - Dogwood Presentation Day 

May 1st - Presentation Day CLC (mandatory)

May 15th - Prom - Secret Garden

May 21st - Grad Transition Exit Interview Evening (mandatory)

June 1st - Distance courses required for graduation must be at least 80% complete with a grade of 70% to qualify for graduation events. 

June 11th - Grad Convocation in the Evening.  Tickets on sale now for dinner tickets.

June 15th - Prom 

Grad Handbook

Please review the ASIA sumas Graduation Handbook to make sure that you are on track for graduation.

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Career Life Connections (CLC 12) 

Career Life Connections is a BC Ministry of Education required course. Students will meet the requirements for this course by completing 3 components to the course.

  • Part 1 is the online AVS/MyBluePrint course where students will go through a series of videos, assignments and reflections to make up 30% of the mark. This is due by January 27th, 2020. creating a portfolio and uploading a series of assignments.
  • Part 2 is the Capstone project where students will do a 30 hour passion project that incorporates their career life pathway, working with a mentor, to make up 70% of the mark. The presentation of this project will be on May 1st, 2020.
  • Part 3 is the Exit Interview. This is a reflection time where students will meet with members of our community and reflect on their journey through school. This is a mandatory meeting with a completion/not completed mark.

Click this link to access myBlueprint

Click this link for PART 1 CLC guide

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2017/2018 BC Government Graduation Planner

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