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Scholarships & Bursaries

Click here to open up the 2019/2020  Grad Handbook for more information on scholarships and bursaries.

Ideally, applying for scholarships should be student directed and a parent/teacher supported endeavor. The staff at ASIA are happy to assist and offer guidance for application essays and reference letters, but it is our hope that the students will rise to the challenge. Grade 12 students should be able to access the skills and knowledge that they have gained through their educational journey to make an outstanding rational for receiving an award!

Applying for scholarships is a continual process that should be happening throughout a student’s post-secondary journey. This is not something that just happens during Grade 12 before graduation.  Due dates for award applications vary throughout the year. It is the student’s responsibility to track these dates and ensure applications are submitted on time. Treat scholarship hunting like a job and it pays just like a job!

Please feel free to contact me for support through the application process. I am quite happy to answer any questions in support of our students.

Good luck on the completion of your applications!

- Jennifer Kohut (School Counsellor)


Disrict Authority Award "Dogwood Award"

This award consists of a Post-secondary voucher for $1250. Students must engage in a meaningful 100hr project based on specific criteria as outlined in the application package. Students will continue to work on their project until their adjudication day. Each project will be displayed and adjudicated at either Abbotsford Arts Centre or WJ Mouat on April 20th, 2020. Students will be assigned to either venue depending on their project category. It is expected that all applicants use their time wisely to ensure that they are prepared to present their projects on the adjudication day.  Applications  will be availible on Oct. 1st, 2019.

*Fully completed applications along with the $25 entry fee are due Oct. 31st 2019. Applications will be submitted online for the 2019/2020 school year.

Click here to apply

Dogwood information PDF Oct 2019.pdf 

Dogwood Project Log Sheet.pdf 


UFV ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPs are due in April - Valued at $4000/year; renewable for up to three additional years ($16 000 max)! These are for BC grads enrolling full-time in a career, vocational or academic program. They are awarded to students demonstratining exceptional academics, citizenship and leadership at school and within the community. 

Ministry of Education’s -Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship  -  The Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship (PTES) is a $5,000 annual scholarship that recognizes exceptional Grade 12 students planning to enter the field of teaching. The PTES will be awarded to 20 graduating students intending to enter a BC faculty of education program. Scholarship winners will be awarded a $5,000 voucher to redeem upon entrance to one of BC’s faculty of education programs.

BCSSA Scholarships - The British Columbia School Superintendents Association will award six scholarships to students planning to pursue post-secondary studies in Education.  Please see the Grad Board and/or Mrs. Kohut for more information.  An application form can be downloaded at 

Abbotsford Community Foundation Awards -  Apply for up to 10 awards/bursaries.  Complete and submit the online Abbotsford Community Foundation Scholarship/Bursary Application.  Applications are available online February 3rd, 2020 at  Applications are due by February 24th, 2020. Submit paper copies to Mrs. Kohut.  

Brittney Palmer: After being fortunate enough to fund her entire university education through scholarships, Brittany Palmer wanted to share with others what she learned through trial and error while going through the scholarship process. On a mission to make scholarships approachable for students, Brittany created her company Unlock your Future:  The Key to Scholarships. Visit her website at   It is strongly recommended that Grade 11 and 12 students use this site as a resource.


Useful Scholarship websites:

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