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Weekly Updates

What’s Up Sept 27 to Oct 1, 2021  

Thank you for your continued support in keeping our students and staff safe by reminding your child to wear their masks! We still have a few students a day who are forgetting their masks and we understand that this is a habit to master. We do have disposable masks at the office in the event a student forgets one, but we hope that it is only a one-off event and that kids have their masks, and even a ‘backup’ mask in their backpacks.  

Lots to read! Thanks for your continued support! 


Wednesday, Sept 29 – Orange Shirt Day  

Thursday, Sept 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – No school  

Friday, Oct 1 – Secondary Directing & Script Writing Class Fieldtrip 

MEET THE TEACHER NIGHT Our virtual event was a success, and it was a pleasure to drop in on different classes as parents met with the teachers. Remember, if you have questions or concerns, reach out to the teachers. They are your best pipeline for information whether it be academic or social. All emails are located on our website under OUR SCHOOL > SCHOOL STAFF.  

TERRY FOX RUN was great! We are still tabulating the donations for the foundation. We all enjoyed a yummy cookie from Chef Cheryl and a refreshing bottle of water.  

CALENDAR EVENTS  Keep up to date and informed through our school calendar:  

NOON HOUR SUPERVISORS – we are on the hunt for some paid supervisors! This is an hour-long commitment from 1 to 5 days a week, 11 am – 12 pm. If you are interested in this PAID position and would like to be considered, please email Mrs. Dallas at Suzanne.dallas [at] or call 604.850.5207. 

CAFETERIA PUNCHCARDS – Brand new! Available on schoolcashonline, families can now purchase a $20 punchcard that will be issued for the cafeteria. This means students won’t need to carry cash, instead present the card and Chef Cheryl will punch the amount. Get your card today! 

ORANGE SHIRT DAY: Show your support of our community by wearing an orange shirt on Wednesday, Sept 29th. The goal is to create awareness of the individual, family, and community inter-generational impacts of Indian Residential Schools through Orange Shirt Day activities, and to promote the concept of "Every Child Matters" 
NATIONAL DAY FOR TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION – Thursday, Sept 30th – no school – we hope you take the time with your family to reflect on the day.;
EXTENDED ABSENCES – If your child is going to be away for an extended time, please email their teachers and the office at sumasmountain [at] so we are aware.  
PICKING UP STUDENTS EARLY – When picking up a student for an appointment or early from the day, please call the office when you arrive or are just about to arrive (15 min ahead). We can then arrange to have that student called to the office and ready for you at the front door. Unfortunately, if families call too far ahead of time or send an email, chances are that we will not get to that information in time, the office is a very busy place! The app only works for marking absenteeism for the whole day. Add our number to your phone! 604.850.5207 

LIBRARY COLLECTION As a middle/secondary school, our library has a varied collection of books. Our policy is that students in Grades 6 and 7 are only allowed to check out books from the Junior and Middle Years collections.  Students do not have unsupervised access to the space, and we try to keep a close eye on what books our students are reading so we can get to know them and their interests. The library is a shared space and students are permitted to check out books themselves with our self-check system. If you have questions about what we have in our collection or would like to know more about our library processes and policies, please contact Mrs. Beckett at heather.beckett [at]  

MINDFUL MONDAYS – we are thrilled to have our Foundry Ambassadors Carmen and Maxwell taking on an important part of teen wellbeing. The goal of Mindful Monday is to alleviate stress, anxiety, and any unwanted negative feelings at the start of the week. This week the focus is on self-love.  

 STRESS AND THE TEENAGER- Speaking about self-care, I’ve come across an interesting snippet about how to help with the stress and overwhelming feelings that teens have which has been amplified by the pandemic. If you are looking for more, you can find information through: [] in support of the Psychology Foundation of Canada. If you need help, it is available. We highly recommend looking to [] for the Abbotsford branch or [] for support. It takes a village and everyone needs a helping hand. 
Puberty is a time of heightened sensitivity to stress, according to neuroscientists. And because of changes taking place in the brain, the teen years are a time when it’s both important and challenging to help kids deal with stress. We cannot protect teenagers from all stress, but we can help them develop the tools that will enable them to deal with the stress they will experience throughout life. Here is something parents can do to help: 
·        Tune into your own stress. “How you deal with your own stress is linked to how you help teens, how they experience stress, and how they learn to cope with stress,” says psychologist Dr. Robin Alter. Learning to deal constructively with your own stress can have a profound impact, not only on you but on your children and other people around you. 
·        Maintain your parent-child relationship. Almost any positive influence you want to have on your teenager depends on a good relationship. According to research, it is particularly important that teenagers perceive that their relationships with parents are supportive. So, work at maintaining a positive relationship with your teen(s). Try to gram as many of the small opportunities to spend time together as you can. If there are activities you both enjoy, either as participants or fans, do them together. Eat meals as a family. Take your child out for a lunch or coffee date. Try and connect with your teen in a non-judgemental way during car trips. 
·        Recognize the signs of stress. When people are over-stressed, it usually comes out through emotional symptoms, like angry outbursts and moodiness, and/or physical symptoms like headaches or an upset stomach. In children and teens, an increase in troublesome behavior may also be a signal of stress. 
·        Other signs of stress include: 
o   Increased irritability, sadness, anxiety, or panic 
o   Trouble falling asleep 
o   Undereating or overeating 
o   A pattern of overreacting to minor problems 
o   An increase in nervous habits like nail-biting or hair-twisting 
o   Social withdrawal 
o   Concentration or motivation problems 
Share coping strategies. Teens aren’t always open to our help, but over time we can help them learn ways to manage their stress symptoms: 
§  Share the things that help you and encourage them to experiment to see what helps them deal with stress. Physical activity and relaxation practices like yoga are often effective stressbusters. 
§  Encourage them to take a short break when tension, frustration, or fatigue with a task that is affecting their ability to function effectively. 
§  Gently challenge your teen’s negative thoughts. 
§  Support problem solving, by helping your teen to consider alternatives, make a plan to deal with the problem, break an overwhelming task into smaller steps, etc. 

What’s Up Sept 20 to 24,2021 

As we are back into what we could call the swing of things, our staff and students are getting into a good routine. We really appreciate families getting students to school on time. With the doors closed and locked at 8:24, it can be very stressful for students who arrive late and must get to the front door and wait to be let in and then have to walk into a classroom when all eyes turn on them.


Monday, Sept 20 – PHOTO DAY!!!!

Tuesday, Sept 21 – Virtual Meet the Teacher Night – 6-7:30 pm – visit our website to get the link (available on Tuesday)

Thursday, Sept 23 – Terry Fox Run – come prepared to walk or run! Fire Drill in the pm

Friday, Sept 24 – Non-instructional Day – no school!

Reporting Absenteeism: Please use Report Absence or Late Button at the top of our screen on our webpage: sumasmountain [at]  or this link: Student  

 MEET THE TEACHER NIGHT – Tomorrow, Tuesday, Sept 21st, join us VIRTUALLY through our website for the evening. You will find a link on our website to visit different “rooms” throughout our school. Teachers will have their virtual rooms open from 6pm to 7:30pm for parents to stop in for a quick hello and introduction.

 INDIGENOUS FORMS – Consultation forms are due back to Miss Carli by September 29th. If you have not received a form yet, please contact her at carli.schroeder [at]

 SCHOOL SWAG – Tomorrow (Sept 21) is the last day to order a hoodie and/or sweatpants with our logo. This information can be found on your account.  

 WATER BOTTLES – It is just week three and we have already had 2 explosive glass bottles hit the ground. You can imagine the mess and the danger when the bottles explode. Help us by having your children use plastic or metal bottles.

 CAFETERIA – Wow! We are happy the cafeteria is back and as we work out the kinks there have been some longer lineups than normal! Items range from $.50 to $4.00. We are also working on some line up etiquette. Very interesting to watch how students handle themselves in the line.

 PHOTOS – will be available online for viewing and purchase withing 48 hours of today. Please check your emails from last week for information on how to access the website and enter your child’s unique code.


Wednesday, Sept 29 – Orange Shirt Day

Thursday, Sept 30 – National Day for Truth and Reconciliation – No school 

Friday, Oct 1 – Secondary Directing Class Fieldtrip


BYOD – We are a Bring Your Own Device school! Students may register to bring a laptop, chromebook, or tablet that will be used strictly for educational purposes. The required permission form is located here:   Please have your child hand the into the office and allow a few days for Mrs. Beckett to process the request. The form must be complete, do not leave out any information or it will have to be returned to you.  

 MATILDA students in the school musical Matilda have started rehearsals. If your child is involved, make sure they have accessed the Google Classroom for times and updates on everything Matilda. Reach out to our directors, ray.dekroon [at] or ana.horner [at]

HEALTH CHECK WAIVER FORM: Parents, remember to complete the Health Waiver form for your child. This is a one time form for 2021-22.  We ask that you assess your child’s health every day and keep them home if they have any symptoms. Thank you ahead of time for keeping our community safe!

VISITORS CHECK IN – Just a reminder that our campus is a closed area and we are unable at this time to allow parents into our facility. If you would like to meet with admin or a teacher please email directly. Standing at the front door? Just ring the doorbell or call into the office, 604.850.5207. 

 DEMOGRAPHICS FORM HAND IN – If you have not done so already, please update and have your child hand in the contact info forms sent home as soon as possible. This will help us keep our records up to date.  

 CELL PHONES – just a reminder for our middle school students that cell phones are to be in their lockers from 8:25 to 2:12. We do not allow phones on campus during our teaching day, including lunch. If parents need to contact students in case of an emergency, please call the office and we will get the message to your child. 604.850.5207. You can imagine how embarrassing it can be for a student when their pocket starts to ring in the middle of class and it is mom calling. Please don’t put your child in that position.