Our School Plan Progress 2021-2022

Improving Student Learning

The Abbotsford School District’s Strategic Plan reflects our public commitment to BC’s new curriculum by working together to continuously improve learning for each student.

School Goals

Under the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, all Abbotsford School District schools are required to develop a long term plan to improve student achievement, one that maintains a balance on the intellectual, social and career development of students. Each year, every school will also set individual school goals to assist them in achieving progress.

ASIA Sumas Mountain School Goals

Our Inquiry Question this year is:

Can we foster a deeper sense of community and school-wide belonging for all students by better connecting all of ASIA's educational stakeholders?

Specifically, can we intentionally enrich/deepen our ability to serve our students' educational needs by strengthening the connection between the student community, parent community, staff community, and greater community through the arts?

In addition to our school goals, you can find our school's commitment to the Indigenous Enhancement Agreement below.  This document reflects ASIA's commitment to upholding the Indigenous Enhancement Agreement as developed in partnership between the Matsqui and Sumas First Nations, the Fraser Valley Metis Association, and Abbotsford school district.


Our students will learn key academic skills - like reading, writing and math - to encompass the knowledge and processes associated with intellectual development. As learners and meaning-makers, students take subject-specific concepts and content and transform them into a new understanding. 

Our celebrations of learning

At ASIA Sumas Arts and academics are integrated which fosters a more organic, experiential learning environment both cross-curricularly and cross-arts.  The arts are used both to encode and determine student understanding of their learning.

Grade 8 students created these collaged images, after studying ocean currents.  This was a collaborative project integrating Science, English and Visual Arts.  The students worked on what poetry best described the currents and how to visually represent that poetry.  The students then created the painted paper, and composed the collaged work to show their understanding of ocean currents.

     Biology 12 students showed their understanding of the Biochemistry unit through a project that provided lots of choice, problem solving and research. The purpose of this project was to encompass their studies of Biochemistry/Homeostasis. Students were to show that they had an understanding of how all of our organs, body systems, organ systems integrate and function together as a wonderful machine we call The Body.
     There were two parts to this project. Part A, students had a choice to either create and build a 3D structure of one of the major macromolecules we studied during the term. It was up to the students to decide how to do this and what material to use. The second choice was to create and draw two different macromolecule superheroes/characters. They were required to integrate the real life functions of the macromolecules metaphorically into the characteristic/personality/powers of the characters/superheroes.
     In Part B, students had 8 options to choose from, including their own idea if they wished. Some of the choices were to write a song, a story book, children’s book, a play/musical, youtube info video, a nutritionist's letter, a comic or a game that demonstrated an in-depth understanding of how all of the macromolecules function together to create homeostasis in the body. 

      This project touched on the following curricular competencies: Questioning and predicting, planning and conducting, processing and analyzing, evaluating, applying and innovating and communicating.

2021 returns our students full-time back to the classroom. Here are examples of how we are integrating arts into the curriculum, partnering it with inquiry and exploration.

2021 Intellectual examples

Human & Social

Our students will study personal and human social skills and as they relate to students' identity in the world - both as individuals and as members of their community. We are learning that personal and human social skills encompass the abilities students needs to thrive as individuals, to understand and care about themselves and others, and to find and achieve their purposes in the world. 

Our celebrations of learning

Culture is often studied through an artistic lens. Student can glean insight into a culture's heritage, world view, and better understand its values and unique cultural aspects by exploring the art it produces and/or leaves behind. Active practice in the arts allows students to work together in groups, collaborate, create and recreate their works, both academic and arts.  

2021 means a return to face-to-face instruction has brought life back to our school. Every day means a new opportunity to connect to our ASIA Sumas family.

Community building at work

Each year we end our school year with our Exhibition of Learning and the Arts.  Our audience enjoys live presentations, and static displays that demonstrate an integrated arts perspective on math, socials, science, math, dance, music, visual art, sculptural arts, drama, digital media arts.  We see in action the students' work as a result of their work together in the arts, in their academic work, and in their cross-subject, cross-grade learning.  It's an exciting celebration of learning!

Exhibition of Learning and the Arts 2015

The Grade 8 students created paintings as a response to learning about the Entartete Kunstausstellung in Berlin in 1937. The Nazi regime described Modern art as degenerate art. The art was banned on the grounds that it was un-German, Jewish, or Communist in nature, and those identified as degenerate artists were subjected to sanctions. The artists were dismissed from teaching positions, being forbidden to exhibit or to sell their art, and in some cases being forbidden to produce art.  The students reacted to this by deciding to produce their own versions of Entartete Kunst (degenerate art pieces) as a statement to support those artists whose work is lost to us all because of racism, bias, lack of religious freedom and practices that dehumanize people.


Our students will succeed in a much different future from the one we envisioned 10 or 15 years ago. It is our responsibility to prepare all children for success in whatever life path they choose, connecting learning opportunities with future career possibilities. We know that real-life experiences - like community involvement, gaining business knowledge, and hands-on-learning - build better students and life-long citizens. 

Our celebrations of learning

The new BC curriculum facilitates the developmentof competencies and skills needed to succeed in our changing global economy.  The arts are used to foster bigger picture thinking that is critical, creative, out-of-the-box, and reflective of the social, emotional and intellectual influences to succeed in today's world.  Students and staff work togther with Artists-in-Residence from the community to develop ideas and create works that encompass their learning cross-subject with the arts.

Every year our Grade 6 and 7 students develop ideas, poll the school population, create, produce and market a product to sell at their Entrepreneurship Fair.

Grade 6 Entrepreneur Fair

ASIA Sumas Secondary Students have opportunities to take part in  full-time Abbotsford's Career Programs as well as short-term work experience programs such as Vet Assistant, Hospital Rotations, Police and Fire Academies.  Here are a couple of our students who were involved.

The skills our students need in their future jobs are developed at ASIA Sumas through the arts.  We believe students must collaborate, communicate and be able to present their ideas with clarity and creativity to engage an audience, whether for arts performance or as they demonstrate their learning in all subject areas.  Here are a few of our students presenting their upcoming work "The Cure" to the Abbotsford School Board.  "The Cure" is an interactive public theatre event at the school for Hallowe'en.

ASIA Sumas has a partnership with the Abbey Arts Theatre  to develop students who work with the technical aspects of theatre: lighting, sound, stage managing, and set design and building!  This is a valuable training program,, and by the end of the year , our students are able to manage the whole show.