Our School

Explore. Express. Excel

Abbotsford School of Integrated Arts

is a program where creative writing, dance, drama, visual arts, digital arts, and music are, wherever possible, integrated into the core curriculum.  Ideas and concepts are studied across subject and grade boundaries, using skills developed in the arts.

As a public school, we follow the curriculum set out by the B.C. Ministry of Education.  The uniqueness comes in the way through which the curriculum is taught and studied.  We believe that exploring the connections that link the arts and core subjects inspires a passion for life-long learning and encourages students to explore, express and excel in their learning and demonstrations of their learning.

Our Vision

To instill a passion for learning, a love of the arts, and the knowledge and thinking skills that will allow students to pursue their goals and fulfill their dreams.

Arts Integration is an APPROACH to TEACHING in which students construct and demonstrate UNDERSTANDING through an ART FORM.  Students engage in a CREATIVE PROCESS which CONNECTS an art form and another subject area and meets EVOLVING OBJECTIVES in both.


We believe that the Arts

  • provide a means of experiencing joy, wonder, awe, and mystery
  • are a form of expression that ignite a passion for living
  • encourage the sharing of learning which heightens self-awareness and strengthens understanding
  • scaffold learning to incorporate process, product, and performance
  • inspire learners to excel and reach their utmost potential

We believe that the Integration of Disciplines:

  • is holistic in its approach to the development of learners to be creative, expressive, and receptive
  • enriches learning and enhances personal growth
  • creates an environment where learners reflect on their learning and can articulate their ideas
  • allows learners to identify and apply authentic connections across the curriculum
  • fosters multiple intelligences by immersing learners in a stimulating and inspiring environment

The School Community

  • values confidence that is rooted in competence
  • values risk taking, commitment, collaboration, and teamwork
  • develops cooperation, creativity, and pride in all learners
  • will enable students to explore traditions and beliefs to enhance their understanding and appreciation of our local and global communities
  • values learners who support and motivate one another to reach their utmost potential
  • values uniqueness, creative expression and an appreciation for diversity

At A.S.I.A. Sumas Mountain, our students are guided to:

  • EXPLORE curriculum and the arts
  • EXPRESS their knowledge and their creativity of curriculum and the arts
  • EXCEL in core knowledge and the arts

Our school values the following attributes in a fine arts student:

Work Habits

The timetable at ASIA is unique and demanding. This is because integrated, thematic studies of the prescribed curriculum are run alongside of direct instruction in the arts.  Students should demonstrate a strong commitment to their studies in order to succeed in the program.

Academic Standing

Students should show through proficiency levels, letter grades, and comments that they are working at or near their potential.  Again, the demanding nature of this program requires a commitment to putting forth full effort. 

Fine Arts Involvement

Potential students should be able to show evidence of involvement or interest in the fine arts community.  This could be shown in the form of a portfolio or through questions and discussion in the admission interview.

School Citizenship

We are a community of learners (staff and students) who rely on one another to provide fellowship and support.  Potential students should show evidence, through report card comments or other means, of school spirit, risk-taking, empathy, and encouragement.  They will need to both provide and receive these virtues as students in the program.