Community and Parent Information

Resources for Youth and Parents in Abbotsford

Child & Youth Mental Health (CYMH) - (604) 870-5880 - 2828 Cruikshank St. 

CYMH provides assessment and free treatment options for children & youth, such as parenting programs, group sessions, anxiety groups, Inside Out, Mindshift, Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), individual counseling, family support, etc. If a child is receiving services elsewhere, for example, a private counselor or through extended medical plans, CYMH will not be able to offer services.

How to access services: New referrals are accepted every Tuesday from 9 am to 4 pm. The last intake is around 3 pm. No appointment is needed - simply show up. The recommendation is to go in the morning when all team members are available to meet with families. A plan of action will be put into place before you leave. Parents & children can go together, or a parent may choose to go on their own. Teenagers are encouraged to participate in the intake session. **Please note: During COVID times, CYMH is doing phone intakes only, call (604) 870-5880

The Foundry - (604) 746-3392 - #101 - 32555 Simon Ave

For ages 12-24. The Foundry offers a "one-stop shop" for mental health services support where many local supports for youth have a representative under one roof.  This includes support for anxiety/depression, substance abuse, social services, youth/family/peer support, drop-in counseling, the Youth Health Clinic etc.

How to access services: Simply show up and talk to someone at the front desk for help with direction to the appropriate supports.  **Please note: Intake procedures may differ during COVID restrictions.

Private Counseling

- check with your employment extended benefits plan to see if you have coverage for private counseling. Often employees do not realize that your benefit plan covers support for yourself and your child. **Note that if a child is receiving private counseling, support through CYMH will be unavailable.

Medical Support from a Medical Physician

  • Youth Health Clinic - located at The Foundry - a nurse practitioner, registered nurse and physicians
  • Family Doctor - discussing concerns with your family doctor is a good place to start
  • Pediatrician - referrals for a pediatrician must come from a family doctor. 

Archway Community Services (formally Abbotsford Community Services) (604) 859-7681 - 2420 Montrose Ave

Offers a variety of supports including Outreach Services for families, Rapid Response family support, parent of teen groups, youth groups, life skill support, and the Youth Resource Centre programs (ages 12-18). To contact the Youth Resource Centre directly, call: (604) 870-4972 or email:


START (Short Term Adolescent Response Team) 1-844-START-11 or direct line (604) 743-0765

  • START offers support/assessment during an immediate mental health crisis to avoid a trip to a hospital emergency room. Mental health crises could include intense anxiety or depression, suicidal thoughts or attempts, threatening violence, distorted thinking, self-harm.
  • START's purpose is to do a quick assessment and provide short-term crisis support and then connect the child with longer-term community support. Office hours are Monday to Friday (9 am to 9 pm), Weekends, and Holidays ( noon to 9 pm). **Please note that during COVID, supports are mostly over the phone or online.
  • How to access: Call 1-844-START-11 or direct line (604) 743-0765, or inquire at their office located at the Foundry, #101 - 32555 Simon Avenue.

Emergency Room or call 911 - In the case of an emergency and immediate concern for a child's safety, go directly to the hospital emergency room or call 911